BIKiNNOV supports the 43rd ABIMOTA Grand Prix

“BIKiNNOV supports the 43rd ABIMOTA Grand Prix

On May 30th, the official presentation of the 43rd edition of the ABIMOTA Grand Prix took place at the Águeda Arts Center, a race reserved for Elite and Under-23 athletes.

The ceremony began with an introduction to global trends in the two-wheeler industry, where Gil Nadais, the Executive Director of BIKiNNOV, presented the project of the Technology and Innovation Center, which is taking its first steps in the municipality of Águeda but aims to have a worldwide impact.

He also presented the ongoing projects of the Technology and Innovation Center, which are financed under the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR) and the European Union’s NextGeneration Fund: “AM2R – Mobilizing Agenda for Innovation in the Two-Wheeler Industry,” with interventions in WP4 (Components, Tools, and Materials for Two-Wheeler Production), WP8 (Digitization and Integrated and Sustainable Value Chain Management in the Two-Wheeler Sector), WP9 (Technology and Innovation Center); and the Base Financing Program of the Technology and Innovation Center, part of the National Innovation Agency’s Interface Mission (ANI).

BIKiNNOV – Bike Value Innovation Center Association is one of the organizations supporting the 43rd edition of the ABIMOTA Grand Prix.

Stage Descriptions

The competition will start on Friday, the 9th, in Proença-a-Nova, where an individual time trial will be contested over a distance of 7,600 meters, the first of the planned 343.4 kilometers for the entire race.

On June 10th, the 175 km second stage will take place, connecting Oleiros to Vouzela.

The symbolic start will be given near the municipal council of Oleiros at 10:55 am.

The real start is scheduled for 11:00 am in Oleiros, near the turnoff to Cancinos.

At kilometer 18, the third-category Mountain Finish will take place at Alto da Portela do Fojo.

A new third-category Mountain Finish will occur at kilometer 41.65, at Alto de Alvares.

The first Intermediate Sprint will be in Góis, in front of the Volunteer Fire Department, at 59.3 km.

After completing 70.5 km, there will be another third-category Mountain Finish at Alto de Olho Marinho.

The Bolinhas Finish will be at kilometer 89.6 in São Pedro de Alva, in front of the parish council.

A third-category Mountain Finish will take place at Alto de Felgueira at 112.6 km.

Alto do Caramulo will host the second-category Mountain Finish at kilometer 141.1.

The Autarquias Finish will be in Oliveira de Frades, in front of Eurolafões, after completing 163.4 km.

The Final Finish will be in Vouzela, next to the Town Hall, after completing 175 km.

The third stage will cover a distance of 160.8 km, connecting Anadia to Águeda.

The symbolic start will be at the National Velodrome / Two-Wheeler Museum in Sangalhos at 11:25 am.

The real start will take place at the Church Square in Sangalhos at 11:30 am.

At kilometer 31.6, there will be an Intermediate Sprint in Amoreira da Gândara, in front of Forjaço.

The Vagos Autarquias Finish will be at 47.3 km, in front of the BV and Pastelaria Centro.

Another Intermediate Sprint will occur at 61.2 km, in Costa Nova, in front of the Market.

At kilometer 104, there will be a first passage through the finish line installed in Águeda.

The Intermediate Sprint will take place at kilometer 107.5 in Mourisca do Vouga, in front of the Ethnographic Museum.

At kilometer 116.9, the Bolinhas Finish will be in Albergaria-a-Velha.

The second-category Mountain Finish will be in Talhadas, Sever do Vouga, after completing 140.3 km.

The Final Finish will be in Águeda, on Rua Joaquim Valente de Almeida, in front of Adolfo Portela School and the GNR post. At that point, the stage’s 160.8 km and the race’s total of 343.4 km will have been completed.

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