BIKiNNOV makes its presence known at the world’s largest Two-Wheel Sector Conference.

From May 9 to 12, the Velo-City 2023 took place in Leipzig, Germany, the largest World Conference dedicated to the bicycle sector, where BIKiNNOV made its presence known under the Basic Financing Program of the Center for Technology and Innovation, the Interface Mission of the National Innovation Agency (ANI), financed by the Recovery and Resilience Program (PPR) and the NextGeneration Fund of the European Union (EU).

At Velo-city 2023, global challenges surrounding the promotion of bicycle use were discussed, where cargo-bikes emerged as a trend for the near future.

Electric-assist cargo-bikes are increasingly asserting themselves as the solution for family transport and distribution, primarily in urban centers.

The “15-minute City” concept is the new paradigm to combat climate change and continue living in good conditions in cities. The concept of “proximity” is advocated instead of the concept of “mobility,” as a way to reduce the distances we travel and when we have to do it, that it be by soft means – on foot or by bicycle.

The city of Leipzig is oriented towards people and the use of bicycles, constituting an example of good practices at the European level.

BIKiNNOV’s participation aimed to: establish contacts in order to start making the existence of the CTI dedicated to two wheels known, which allows creating a network of contacts; map good practices; and identify the trends of mobility in cities

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