Promoting Innovation through capacity building in intermediary organizations

The BIKiNNOV – Bike Value Innovation Center – Association participated on June 21st in the conference “Promoting Innovation through Capacity Building in Intermediary Organizations”, promoted by ANI – National Innovation Agency at the Creative Science Park – PCI, in Aveiro.

The event’s main objective was the exchange of ideas and the identification of the main capacity building needs of intermediary organizations in Portugal.

BIKiNNOV, together with MORE CoLAB, BIOREF – Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB), B2E Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB, INEGI, and the University of Madeira, comprised the panel of speakers for the roundtable on the “Importance of Capacity Building for Intermediary Organizations”.

In its intervention, BIKINNOV shared its vision on the main challenges and opportunities related to promoting technology and knowledge transfer between academic institutions and the private sector, namely companies, as well as on the role of capacity building in supporting Portuguese Technological Infrastructures in technology and knowledge transfer processes. It took stock of the impact of the capacity building program promoted by ANI in defining the Strategy and internal procedures of the Technology and Innovation Center dedicated to the two-wheeled sector, whose origin lies in the industry. The conference was promoted within the framework of SIAC – Knowledge Transfer Initiative “TECH4INNOV”, an initiative co-financed by COMPETE 2020, through Portugal 2020 and the European Regional Development Fund. It is worth remembering that BIKiNNOV was recognized in Dispatch no. 12688/2022, from the Office of the Secretary of State for the Economy as a Technology and Innovation Center (CTI), as an entity dedicated to the production, dissemination, and transmission of knowledge, oriented towards companies and the creation of economic value, contributing to the pursuit of public policy objectives, framed in the domains of specialization. Following this recognition, it guaranteed the Basic Financing Program of the Technology and Innovation Center, from the Interface Mission of the National Innovation Agency (ANI), funded by the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR) and the NextGeneration Fund of the European Union (EU).

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