Bike Finish Line Closing Session

BIKiNNOV – Bike Value Innovation Center – Association participated in the Bike UP Project’s Closing Session, called “Bike Finish Line,” on June 29th, organized by ABIMOTA. During the event, BIKiNNOV shared the reasons behind the establishment of the Technology and Innovation Center and its areas of focus.

The Portuguese two-wheeler and sustainable mobility sector is determined to transition from predominantly Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). An example of this is the creation of BIKiNNOV, a Technology and Innovation Center aimed at providing technical and technological support to companies in the two-wheeler industry. Its goal is to promote the use of technology and innovation as tools for enhancing business competitiveness, increasing added value, and improving the quality of offerings, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. BIKiNNOV is dedicated to the production, dissemination, and transfer of knowledge tailored to companies and the creation of economic value through the protection of intellectual property rights. It focuses on market needs, addressing existing gaps, and contributing to societal challenges in areas such as digitization, circular economy, climate change, and sustainable mobility.

The session was attended by project participants, hosting entities, entrepreneurs, and the president of Compete, Nuno Mangas. This event, funded by Compete under the Portugal 2020 Program and the European Social Fund, served as a platform for disseminating the results of the Bike UP project, sharing its main outputs, and fostering synergies and collective added value.

Bike UP is an entrepreneurship promotion project aimed at reinforcing qualified and creative entrepreneurship in the bicycle sector. It seeks to address societal challenges through innovative ideas and companies that enhance competitiveness, digital transformation, sustainable mobility, and adaptation to market demands.

The Bike Finish Line was a moment of sharing experiences and reflections among participants, companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. It also included a demonstration and presentation space for companies and projects in the bicycle and sustainable mobility sector.

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