ABIMOTA hosts seminar dedicated to wage equality between women and men

ABIMOTA and BIKiNNOV hosted the seminar “Strategies for Equality at Work” on June 30, 2023, aimed at associates and Human Resources professionals.

Gil Nadais, Secretary-General of ABIMOTA, stated that “this seminar results from the many doubts of companies in applying Law No. 60/2018 on wage equality, especially in the case of those that were notified by ACT and must present a plan for diagnosis and elimination of wage inequality. There is a need to do work for the two-wheel sector, on the one hand at the level of capacity building, and on the other, the analysis of functions based on objective criteria, which involves updating Collective Work Contracts with social dialogue, given that they are outdated and biased”.

Vital Almeida, President of ABIMOTA, argued that “the sector’s associations have to mobilize in order to create critical mass that allows making the law effective. This is a challenge that ABIMOTA assumes, in order to help its associates. On the other hand, both ABIMOTA and BIKiNNOV are building their Plans for Wage Equality”.

The two entities are committed to promoting a network of collaboration of human resources managers, so joint work sessions will be promoted, which will provide inputs for Equality Plans and for the characterization of the sector.

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