BIKiNNOV Adheres to the Manifesto Mission Soil

BIKiNNOV Adheres to the Manifesto Mission Soil

BIKiNNOV, the Technology and Innovation Center for the Two-Wheel Sector, approved in a Board meeting the adherence to the Mission Soil Manifesto, given its alignment with the Center’s sustainable development strategy.

As part of the Horizon Europe program, the Mission Soil Manifesto aims to mobilize efforts for the protection and recovery of soils, with special attention to soils affected by previous industrial activities.

Addressing the challenges of post-industrial soils requires an innovative and collaborative approach. Through this initiative, BIKiNNOV expresses its availability to integrate projects in partnership, not only in living labs dedicated to soil recovery but also to lead soft mobility projects that integrate bike lanes and other low environmental impact infrastructures in regions transitioning from an industrial past to a greener future.

BIKiNNOV understands that this step constitutes a way to create networks. Participation in partnerships of this nature fits within the Framework Funding Program of the Technology and Innovation Center, the Interface Mission of the National Innovation Agency (ANI), in Action Line 5 – Promotion and Networks, financed by the Recovery and Resilience Program (PPR) and the NextGeneration EU Fund.

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