Quality Policy – BIKiNNOV

The Quality Policy of BIKiNNOV consists of a set of guidelines supported by the commitment to ensure the satisfaction of Interested Parties: Members; Clients; Employees; Suppliers, and Partners, by meeting the requirements of reference documents, namely the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, as well as the applicable legal, statutory, and regulatory requirements.

The Management Policy of BIKiNNOV is as follows:

  • The Management of BIKiNNOV commits to providing the necessary resources to promote and foster the quality of services provided in accordance with the rules of professional best practices;
  • The Management of BIKiNNOV commits to analyzing the risks and opportunities of the processes, and the internal and external issues impacting BIKiNNOV‘s activity.
  • The Management of BIKiNNOV commits to ensuring that the activities carried out comply with the applicable normative requirements, as well as with recognized reference documents, ensuring, at all levels, the quality of the services provided, meeting applicable compliance requirements, and guaranteeing the commitment to the continuous improvement of the Management System’s effectiveness.
  • To put the Management Policy into practice, strategic performance objectives for BIKiNNOV are defined, namely in customer satisfaction, and the safety and health of employees.
  • Employees are understood as a support pillar for the functioning of the Management System, directly influencing BIKiNNOV‘s performance. As such, communication/training/awareness actions are implemented, adjusted to the emergence of new opportunities/demands, to allow the constant familiarization of employees with the reference documentation and the way to apply the policies and methodologies in their respective daily activities.
  • Ensure impartiality and confidentiality in the development of Laboratory activities and other areas of intervention, preventing the existence of commercial, financial, social, or other pressures.
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