Basic Financing – Technology and Innovation Centers

Project Number: AAC nº03/C05-i02/2022

Fund: PRR – Recovery and Resilience Program

Investment Priority: Component C5 – Business Capitalization and Innovation – Technology and Innovation Centers

Type of Investment: RE-C05-i02: Interface Mission

Notice Number: 03/C05-i02/2022


Total Investment: €2,394,478.67

Eligible Investment: €2,394,478.67 (100% financing)

The maximum amount to be financed may be reviewed according to the level of compliance with the planned actions, targets, and financial execution, considering the evolution of BIKiNNOV’s financing model based on the 1/3+1/3+1/3 distribution.

Project Start Date: April 1, 2023

Project End Date: March 31, 2026


The project aims to deepen the effort to expand and consolidate the network of interface institutions between the academic, scientific and technological system and the Portuguese business sector. It seeks to ensure the necessary support to maximize these institutions’ impact in promoting R&D investment and innovative investment in companies, notably regarding their export potential. Therefore, it ensures public basic financing to strengthen the interface institutions network, as defined in the current legal regime, approved by Decree-Law No. 126-B/2021 of December 31.



BIKiNNOV’s strategy aims to provide a qualitatively higher response more in line with companies’ needs and to overcome the constraints of LEA (Testing Laboratory) activities under ABIMOTA, due to its multsectoral business nature and not being geared towards research and knowledge transfer. In this context, BIKiNNOV aims to contribute decisively to change the action profile of Portuguese companies, shifting their participation regime from OEM to ODM in the first phase, and create conditions for it to evolve to OBM. Given the Association’s recent establishment, an initial installation phase must be considered.


BIKiNNOV was created to enable the Portuguese industry to climb the value chain through products, processes, and services, enabling Portugal to position itself as a supplier of technical, technological, and industrial process solutions, capable of increasing the loyalty of the sector’s customers. The path aims to increase the visibility of the solutions proposed by Portuguese players in the mobility sector, based on knowledge produced and/or used by our country.

A concern since BIKiNNOV’s creation is “Branding,” as projects with a high degree of uncertainty, common in lower TRLs, largely depend on managing expectations that can be created in the sector’s business fabric regarding their results: defined tasks and objectives, the limit of their possibilities, and development direction and strategy.

This project aims to structure the core human resources framework, ensuring from its launch suitable operation for its purposes, which will leverage the following general activity plan:

  • Study of the integration of soft mobility in future cities;
  • Vigils of new materials for soft mobility;
  • Monitoring the evolution of the regulatory framework and its consequences in new production processes and their technological consequences;
  • Development of more eco-efficient manufacturing processes;
  • Promotion plan and integration into international R&D networks in the mobility area.
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